From Nunthala to Gokyo (photos)

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A few photos from the trek between Nunthala and Gokyo : click here!


The road :

Nunthala - Kharikhola (~2400m alt. - Sherpa new year!)

Kharikhola - Poya (~2700m alt. - Ping pong with french canadian!)

Poya - Namche (~3500m alt. - Night club closing at 7pm!)

Namche - Dole (~4200m alt. - Asleep at 5h30pm!)

Dole - Marchhemo (~4400m alt. - Lesson on mountain sickness!)

Dole - Gokyo village (~4800m alt. - We're walking on the moon!)


I particulary love this photo, so I'm putting it again here, to make sure you see it :


I will soon be adding pictures of March 16th, with Gokyo Peak climbing, the view from the top, and the afternoon in the village! Keep tuned.

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Pascal Cellier 30/04/2011 15:25

Du rêve à portée de pieds. Continue; c'est bon

Nicola 01/05/2011 05:57

Pas de probleme! Nouveau set de photos.. (et videos en prime!)